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All of the food cooked and presented on our retreats is vegetarian. Our meals are cooked from local and where possible organic produce which supports independent farmers. We recycle waste in each retreat destination. We are passionate that our retreats should make a positive impact on our guests and the locations we choose to hold them.

The meals will be served at our outdoor table when its dry and sunny or inside in our communal dining area.

Fresh coffee, a variety of teas and healthy snacks will be available at all times.

Drinking water is always available and you can collect your own fresh mountain water when at our location in Mallorca.

You will be asked to inform us of any food allergy or special dietary requirements you may have upon registering.

Working together as a team..

Revive You Yoga Retreats respectfully ask you to tidy after eating or preparing any of your own snacks, drinks, or any items of food you may have purchased during your stay. This is to help keep the guest kitchen tidy at all times, out of respect for others.


We are passionate that our retreats should make a positive impact on our guests and the locations we choose to hold them.

We support the local community where we can by sourcing as much fresh, local & organic produce (where possible) for all our retreats. For 2023 we plan to contribute 5% of profits to – a non-profit organisation that builds upon corporate and scientific partnerships to empower communities to sustainably advance and implement innovative, high standard, scalable and lasting solutions to restore forests and landscapes.

Frequently asked questions….

How do I pay for my retreat?

In order to reserve your space we ask for a 50%  deposit or payment in full, to be paid online.

We ask that you to pay the full amount 8 weeks prior to the retreat or holiday.

2-4 weeks before the retreat we will send you your welcome pack via email, and help you iron out any concerns you may have!

How do I get in contact with Revive You Yoga Retreats?

We are available Monday to Friday 9am-6pm on
T: +353 (87) 136 8801

I haven’t done much yoga before, can I come?

We have designed our weekends and weeks for people who love yoga, whether they are beginners or have been practicing for years. All our teachers are very experienced and are more than capable of adapting the classes to all levels. There is no time like the present to start your journey with yoga!

I am quite an experienced yogi, would I enjoy your retreats?

In a word yes! All our retreats and holidays are suitable for those who have done little or lots of yoga.

What is included in the price of a yoga retreat?

  • Breakfast/brunch and evening meal
  • Gorgeous unique accommodation in rural and beautiful places
  • 2 yoga classes per day (Vinyasa Yoga & Yin style)
  • Silent walks in the morning
  • Guided afternoon walk/trek
  • Teas and snacks to re-fuel throughout the day
  • Transfers can be arranged but are not included in the price

What is the schedule on a Retreat/Wellbeing weekend?

  • 7.30-8:00AM: Silent walk in tranquil surrounding countryside
  • 8:30-10:30 AM Morning yoga and meditation class
  • 10.30 AM: Brunch
  • 11:30-1:30PM: Massages and free time to read, explore and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
  • 1:30-2.30 PM Guided walk/trek
  • 5:00 – 7:00PM Evening yoga and meditation class
  • 7:15 PM: Delicious vegetarian feast

What time do I need to arrive on the wellbeing weekends/retreats?

Our weekends usually start at 1-2pm on Fridays. This gives you time to settle in to your room and have a stroll around the grounds before your first yoga class at 4pm.

What time does the retreat end?

Our weekends differ with each location. You will be given all information upon enquiry.

Do I need Insurance?

We have our own public liability insurance and all our yoga teachers are fully covered to teach you, as do all our massage therapists and practitioners. We require you to take out your own insurance when you join us on our holidays in case you have an accident whilst away with us

What should I bring to a Yoga Retreat?

  • A good book
  • A journal to process and write down your thoughts
  • Refillable water bottle when you’re on our active retreats
  • Appropriate clothing for the country/weather. On an Irish retreat it’s nice to bring slippers and comfy clothes to potter about in! We give full advice on what to pack in our welcome letter for other retreats and holidays
  • A few changes of yoga wear – our retreats offer yoga classes at least twice a day (mornings and evenings).
  • Good walking shoes for hikes or general traveling about. And sandals for beach destinations.
  • Ear plugs
  • A blanket or shawl for Savasana

I’m coming alone, is this ok?

Yes! We really hope you do decide to join us. We have a mix of people who decide to come with friends and those who would like to travel alone. Remember if you are deciding to join us alone, then there is a likelihood that there are other like-minded people who will be feeling the same! We always recommend sharing a twin room- it might sound intimidating but it’s an amazing way to feel a sense of community and sharing, and there are always lots of spaces to relax and unwind if you do need to escape a bit.

What’s a typical group like?

Ah this is a difficult one! We love that people of all walks of life join us on our retreats, so it is hard to sum up a typical group. However, there are a few things that unite all of our groups: they tend to be made up of friendly, like-minded people, single travellers, couples, friends and groups, people are respectful towards each other and people are looking to relax, unwind and have fun in a safe, welcoming setting.

How many people do you have in a group?

We run such a range of retreats in different venues the number varies. It usually starts at approximately 10 ranging up to 16 maximum. We have been doing this a while so have learnt a really good balance, and the groups always feel intimate, with enough staff to make sure you are well looked after.

I have specific dietary requirements, can I still come?

Yes- we can cater for any dietary requirement. We are vegetarian on our retreats. However, when you go out for group meals on our holidays, some people do choose fish options.

Can I stay another night?

The best thing to do if you want to extend your stay is get in contact with us at

Are men welcome?!

We get asked this all the time, and of course, the answer is yes.

How do I get to your retreats and holidays by public transport?

We make sure that all of our retreats are accessible by public transport or flights, we can organise a group taxi share from the airport/station to the venue. This saves money and is obviously better for the environment. Our holidays sometimes include transfers, sometimes it is an additional cost, but you can rest assured that we always make sure you are looked after travelling to and from the venue.